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However, numerous bodyguard.,dowload link key for project 2013   The bulk of soldiers from generals to climb step by step the bodyguard should be shorter. Want their lives to his bodyguard, not indentured light holding on the line, had to give it settled down, with arms armor, Chihaohehao, which cost a small fortune, and then there are, in addition to loyal bodyguard close on their own, while also let hard training to improve strength, etc., also have to spend. So ordinary generals simply can not raise a few bodyguard. Chen Qi loyal to one hundred pairs of ginger, ginger Qiti pull his natural There are great benefits.,dowload link key for project 2013   After the retreat of ginger and other odd bits, when Chen hundred odd ginger can care about posterity. Jiang Qi just generals, and there is no title, the offspring can not hereditary. Chen did not let the outset hundred odd disappointment ginger, set a lot of credit, Jiang Qi will naturally will be promoted from the bulk of the soldiers for the hundred. After Chen set a series of one hundred is a lot of credit, from one thousand have been promoted as far. But why this time, Chen one hundred trouble at home. Chen'ss parents died one hundred, is .

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